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Helpful Tips for Damage from Water Emergencies, Fire Damage and Mold Issues

Damage from water emergencies and fire damage are issues that a homeowner or business owner hopefully will never encounter. Along with the noticeable damage, there are other issues to deal with like smoke damage and mold removal to ensure indoor air quality that is healthy and safe for your family and employees.

As your New York water damage experts, FloodMD sincerely hopes you are never faced with any of the emergencies that we help resolve, repair and restore. But if one of these unfortunate emergency situations arises, it is helpful to understand what to do.

Below are some tips we would like to share to our fellow New Yorkers. And remember, after contacting your fire or police department when necessary, one of the most critical things you can do is to contact a professional New York water damage restoration company like FloodMD. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with a response time of 30 minutes for New York City residents and business owners.

Emergency Flood and Water Damage Tips

  • Move wood furniture and other sensitive furniture away from moisture and off of wet carpet.
  • Remove documents, paintings, antiques, sculptures, and other valuables safe, dry place.
  • When floors are wet or moisture is present, do not use any electric appliances.
  • If you notice that the ceiling is sagging, leave items in place and stay out of that room.
  • Shut off power at the main circuit breaker and turn off gas supply at main valve.
  • Contact your insurance company and document damage with photos or videos.
  • Save all receipts and contact your morgage company or loan provider.
  • Call FloodMD as soon as possible to minimize the damage and rectify the issue.

Tips for Dealing with Damage from Fire Damage

  • You should always think of the motto, “Safety first!” Check with the New York City Fire Department to make sure your home or business is safe to enter.
  • Contact your insurance company and ask for detailed instructions on everything from contacting a New York water and fire damage restoration company to the process for filing your claim.
  • Never attempt to reconnect utilities or use power. When the fire department alerts you that all is safe, have your local utilities providers reconnect your services.
  • Do not throw away damaged items until you have a completed an inventory.
  • Documenting the damages with photos or video are especially helpful.
  • Save all receipts from expenses incurred due to your fire damage emergency.
  • Contact your mortgage company and notify them of the fire damage.
  • Notify the New York City Police Department and let them know you property is unoccupied because of the damage from fire.
  • Call FloodMD 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to have our team or experts assess your fire damage and help you with all of the above-mentioned items including: securing your property, insurance claims, water removal, hazardous material removal and more.

Tips for Mold and Preventing Mold Issues

  • Mold can be extremely dangerous and harmful to your health. If you think you have a mold issue the best think you can do is call a New York mold removal company.
  • Remove all excess moisture from your home to prevent mold growth.
  • Inspect pipes, appliances, water heaters regularly for leaks.
  • Call in an expert whenever you have flooding or water damage.
  • Create an environment that is properly ventilated.
  • Do not attempt to remove mold yourself as you can aid in the spreading of mold spores.

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